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My idea is this: I will to give the first 25 or so United States Female Veterans, an opportunity to come on board (my website) and display your own personal webpage for free.

You can create a chat room, an informaton page, a photo gallery, sell something or just voice your opinion. One page per person. I will put your webpage on the server, and give you some suggestions for selling items if you would like.
The page can be as big as 950 x 1078, and should include your email for contact. You may include serveral links, and the file size in total should not exceed 10 MB. I will help you.

You do not need to purchase a thing. People can find your webpage through my site. Example: http://www dot ladysagenda dot com/yourname.html

If this sounds like something you'd like to try, just send an email to: aurora at ladysagenda dot com we can work out the kinks as we go along.
I have created, designed and developed Ladys' Agenda website since 1998 and want to share my success with other female veterans.

Please contribute to the support, maintenance and education of our webpages. Make a donation today to American Female Veterans "Webpages" c/o Ladys' Agenda
On behalf myself and the U.S. Female Veterans and their families, we wish to thank you for your time and contribution in making this all possible.